Monday, September 27, 2010

What I Did on the Weekend

Some of this ...
Plenty of this  
and this
 A neighborhood yard sale
where I found plant pots  
perfect for my tiny pincusions
Fabric scrap fun was had 
You probably don't want to see pictures documenting my laundry and house blitz.

Teddy was reunited with his family. Mom, Dad and three little boys were overjoyed to have their beloved kitty back. He was an excellent houseguest. Thank you, Teddy. You helped me through a very difficult time. He only lives 2 blocks away and something tells me he'll be back for a visit.


Lotus said...

Awesome to the whole post, but especially the sweet ending of Teddy's visit! It's wonderful knowing that he's returning to a loving family.

Take it easy

Jeannie said...

Loved your weekend. Bittersweet ending to Teddy's story. It is wonderful that he reunited with his family. Perhaps you can be his "favorite" aunt to visit.

Kathy said...

Sometimes kitties just know where they are needed most and find their way there. Teddy sounds like one very intuitive kitty. Hope you are enjoying The Lace Reader. I liked it very much.
Planning to spend some time with Journal Spilling and your DVD tomorrow. Fun time before I return to work.

Sarah Anderson said...

I love how much you got done this weekend, if only I could be as prolific!

sisa said...

Looks like a great weekend! Some reading with a nice cup of tea, great stamp making, arranging some lovely pincushions ... see you next weekend! As for Teddy ... some cats love to have several homes.
BTW I love your quilt from the previous post, it looks so DianaTroutstylish! Nowadays I prefer to make small projects too - maybe that's because so many ideas are swirling in our heads!

Parabolic Muse said...

Oh, my heaventy sakes, this post is packed full of goodness. And knowing you managed to get laundry done too just makes it miraculous.

I did so much painting and doodling, the weekend flew by. Did you feel like it was just the best?!

Wabbit said...

It was so sad to read about your loss, Diana. I've been there all too many times. I surely wish that pets lived as long as we do! And it's wonderful that Teddy arrived to help you through it. I've always felt that the only thing that really helps you through the loss of a pet is another one who knows you need comforting.

Be good to yourself!

Jane LaFazio said...

love the whole post......and Teddy! what an amazing story. so glad he came to help you when you need it.

Gina Lento said...

THe Lace Reader was awesome. Enjoy it!