Sunday, October 24, 2010

Cheesesteaks and Granola

Yep cheesteaks. With onions and peppers (the kind in the jar called "sweet and sassy" - gotta' love that) and provolone cheese, not that cheez whiz - yuck.  The Phillies lost last night and, no, I don't actually care that much. Don't get me wrong, I love the Phillies. Just not a big sports fan and so my Phillies-love in sort of unconditional. Nobody really understand this about me. They can win or lose for all I care. It's a Philly thing to love 'em and to eat cheesesteaks. ("Yo! How'ya'doin?)
Home Grown Mossy-Goodness. More about the
Wabi-Sabi nature of Autum in a future post.
Off I go on Tuesday across the continent to Washington State. It's really like going to a different country for me. First, all of that rugged, majestic beauty and the walrus and the buffalo and the trees there are all different. The moss blows me away. Glory be, I do love moss. I WILL take my shoes and socks off to walk on it, run my hands over it and bury my face in it (aaachhooo). Also, the clothes on the West Coast are different - all crunchy Birkies and socks. Folks are sooooo cool: carrying their messenger bags on the ferry and wearing jeans and cords and groovy sneakers to work; all laid back and simple and nature-y. It does seem less rushed and crazy in the great Pacific NW. 

Around these parts you could drive west or south for about two hours and find yourself in a totally different culture. Once you get away from the east coast cities you are plopped down in a different world with different ways, food and accents. Rural Pennsylvania is pretty much the Midwest from my vantage point.

I'm going make-up free cross-country (gasp) and with only ONE pair of (sensible) shoes. No laptop will weigh me down (omg). Hey, if my accountant can go to Italy for two weeks in the middle of our audit, I can certainly go for a week without my computer. How many art-related emergencies are there? No TV at Port Townsend, WA. Cell phone reception is iffy. I say "yea." I yearn to be in a bubble. To teach, to write and journal, to sew and read, to relax with friends and be quiet.

Whatta'ya' think? Could you be cut off from technology for a week?

I'll be back in a week (or so) with loads of pictures and tales of travels. Hopefully, all of my glitches happened today when every single travel plan I arranged fell to pieces and needed to be rearranged. Not a fun tale but, thankfully (and hopefully) over.
Ciao, Diana


Marilyn said...

The Walrus??? I LOL at your description of us Washingtonians.
I hope you have a great time on your trip.

Jeannie said...

Did you mean whales? LOL! You need to come to Eastern Washington. We are really laid back and wear make up only for weddings and funerals. I live in the desert, no moss, only 6 inches of rain/year. I grew up on the wet side and miss is dearly for all the reasons you mentioned. Have a wonderful time and pick up some beach glass for me!

Nicole Austin said...

safe and happy travels! i am leaving for journalfest in two days and i am nervous and excited! it's the first time i'll be away from my baby (she's 18 months old) and i'm a little nervous but also excited to be with other artists and to get a full night's sleep! (last year when i was at artfest, i got to take her with me! i was 8 months pregnant with her!) i am also looking forward to unplugging from technology for 4 days! just my journal, camera and ipod (oops, ok...maybe i just need a little technology!) see you there! :)


melydia said...

I always go make-up free and rarely pack more than one pair of shoes when traveling. When left to my own devices the TV stays off almost indefinitely, but no laptop? I'm not sure I could handle that. I need my internets!

Actually, I dunno. I could probably last a week without one, especially if I'm otherwise occupied with journaling and writing and exploring the area.

Enjoy Washington. I've never been there, but I've heard I would love it.

Diana Trout {} said...

Marilyn and Jeannie. I'm pretty sure it was walrus I saw trying to haul their tails up onto the buoys on the Sound. I guess it could have been seals. I've heard tell that its like a different state east of the mountains. Like west of Philadelphia.

Diana Trout {} said...

Nicole, oh my goodness! You will have a super time. As for leaving the baby, I can completely relate to that. I always missed my kids when away from them. As to getting a full night's sleep? I guess it won't be interrupted but you'll be having so much fun that you won't want to go to bed.

Lisa said...

I just got your book and enjoying reading the process. I might be at hopefully I will see you there.

Jane LaFazio said...

have a great time!!

wandalicious said...

Diana, I went "technology free" at Brave Girl Camp last year. So liberating! Check it out - I think you'd love it! It's in the mountains of Idaho, and make up is definitely an option, although I am a city girl who puts on war paint to clean the oven! LOL!

Cassie Shella said...

Sending you lots of Blessings for a restful and safe trip! Oh how I would love to be disconnected from the world for even just a few day. Enjoy yourself.

Laurie said...

Enjoyed having you all to myself on the bus ride to Seattle on Sunday! You and I are so much alike. Hope to see you again soon, and thanks for being a friend!

cathy said...

"How many art-related emergencies are there?"
A question for the ages, grasshopper.