Thursday, November 4, 2010

Nudge #8

Back from Journalfest (more about that later) and ready to get going again with Nudge #8. Well, frankly, I'm still a bit brain dead. 

Remember that 5-Minute Collaged and Painted Page from Nudges 6 & 7. Let's take it a step further. I love Portfolio watersoluble oil pastels for this layer but you could use regular oil pastels, caran d'ache, or - heck - you could use regular old crayons or any kind of paint or markers. Use whatever you have on hand for color. Portfolio's are available at Staples and some art stores. They are reasonably priced; a Binney & Smith product: the folks who make our favorite childhood crayons.

 I scribbled the Portfolio's all over the page and then rubbed in the color with a dampened paper towel.
After the background was rubbed in real good, I scrounged around in my bits and pieces box and found the word "hand" which led to tracing around my hand. I love my hands. Soft pencil reliably goes over and into the Portfolios.

Work quick and intuitively. Remember that this is 5-10 minute Nudges for a reason: no thinking allowed! Upload to Flickr as you like. The link is at the top of the sidebar.

There are loads of interesting conversations in the comments. Don't miss out. Go read 'em. I'll be responding there to questions going back about 3-4 posts.


lyle baxter said...

love your heart and hand! have you tried useing an old rough terry towel on the pastels? gives more texture and works well dry.

Elizabeth said...

Task 1 Find water soluble pastels in my mess!! Love your page!!!
Can't wait to see pics of Journal Fest!!!!

JillB said...

Welcome back! I've been eagerly awaiting the next nudge - I'm having such fun doing them!

This one is great - I was wondering what to do with that gessoed page!

Raylee said...

hi, pleased you are back. i tried the nudges 6 7 & 8, not sure exactly what i think of the end result,not sure what i am supposed to be achieving, this is new to me. i have posted them on my blog.

Raylee said...

thank you!