Monday, October 4, 2010

Fun with Cigar Boxes

Every so often, the women in my 'hood gather for a bit of fun. This month, we had a craft night in my studio and decorated cigar boxes. Some decorated their boxes as lovely containers. It was a perfect project - you don't have to be an "Artist" just will to have a good time.
Nancy and Janine used wallpapers to decorate their boxes.
We used, besides the cigar boxes (thanks to Hugh for the big score there): 
Scissors, papers (wall paper, scrapbook paper, cast off and found papers. 
Paints (craft paints are fine) (a hair dryer to hasten the dry time)
A bit of sandpaper to rough up the surface of the box
Pencils and pens
X-Acto knife and cutting mat or paper cutter
Glitter, sequins, lace, fabric scraps. 
Bits and bobs of this and that (old jewelry pieces, stuff from the scrapbook aisle, trims
Glue: my special mix of Methyl Cellulose and PVA or Elmers glue.
Attendees can have a theme in mind if they'd like. None of us did and we had a wonderful time. (Well, I did because I tripped over the tea set while I was cleaning up my studio).
Chrissy worked on the interior of the box as an artpiece.
The first thing to do for this project is to collect the background papers or paint your box. Well, the first thing, really, is to pour the wine and beer and lay out the munchies. Then backgrounds after that followed by middleground, more wine/beer and then the foreground.
I used the remaining pieces of my childhood tea set.
I wanted to share this project with you because it was so accessible to everyone and we all really enjoyed it. You can too with a group of friends or neighbors. 

Next up: I'm thinking about tiaras made from plastic dime-store hairbands... .


Marlaine said...

Just wanted to say hello. Was following links this morning and came across your blog. Interesting sequence of events as just last night I was reading Journal Spilling just before sleep! Love your blog and have bookmarked it!

Unknown said...

A great way to spend some time on interesting activities and making cigar boxes crafts. Thanks for sharing.