Sunday, November 7, 2010

JournalFest in Pt Townsend, WA

There is a thriving community in there: bacteria and fungi and seeds and moving living things.
Fascinates the daylights out of me.
 dreamy, mossy Fort Worden. Take a cuppa' outside early in the morning and sip and watch the sun touch the mountain-framed sea. It puts me in mind of the NorthEast Kingdom. There is utter silence outside of the scattering sounds of leaves and grasses all shivery and rustly from small animals and the stiff breeze. Watching, listening, sniffing, sipping and feeling the cool air on my face was the way to start a day that was otherwise anything but quiet.

{NOTE: Of course, to get the tea, you have to pirate a coffee mug from the dining hall along with some tea bags. Some thoughtful elf, thank you, Mardi, put half-and-half into the frig.}

In the Journal Spilling class,  we carved eraser stamps and everyone shared and put a stamping in everyone else's books. Very nice reminder and food for later inspiration ... 
such as this page in my journal where the final student stamped and inspired me. 

Amazing papers were created in ColorWheel Quilting class. Colors were mixed, spilled, patterned,  sprayed, drizzled, splattered, sponged
 All of my students were hand sewing which was very lovely and quieting for the afternoon of their final class at JournalFest.



Paula said...

Oh, gorgeous! I especially love the hand sewing.

aimee said...

me too - my eye went right to the stitching! oh, i bet your students had a blast!

Anonymous said...

I'm so inspired, I'm going to handsew some pages in my journals! I want to go to Journalfest next year!

Nicole Austin said...

journalfest was a blast! it was so nice to meet you. hope to see you next year! :)


Mardie said...

Such a fun class Diana! I'm still playing with my bits and pieces of watercolor paper, stitching here, embellishing there.

buglady said...

So happy to see the page you made with my stamp. How cool is that?
Aloha, Kate