Friday, November 5, 2010

Traveling Light

What journaling supplies would you bring for a minimalist getaway?
A small journal (4"x6" with watercolor paper), my Inktense watersoluble colored pencils, a pencil, black pen and my colored Pitt markers. I learned the trick of combining the pencils and markers from the Journal Junkies. It turns these simple tools into a paint box. Everything fit neatly into a pencil-type case. Using a regular pencil (especially the Derwent Sketching pencil) extends these basic supplies even further. Yep, I could be happy indefinitely with these supplies. 
And here's the "desert island" question. 
What would you bring?
Would you be willing to limit yourself to just those minimal supplies for a week, even if you are home?
Do you ever think that an overwhelming number of supplies slows you down?

It's good to be back. xo D


JillB said...

Hmm, minimal supplies for a week. Sounds like a Nudge to me!

Judy Merrill-Smith said...

When I travel, I usually have a small journal (or children's book with gessoed pages), glue stick (very important for me since I collage so much), a small selection of Pigma Micron pens and gel pens, a black Sharpie, sometimes a white Sharpie paint pen, sometimes a very small watercolor set and small bottle for water. Usually a small of cheap, small scissors, too.

Lately I've been carrying a thin Moleskine journal and 4 Pigma Micron pens in my purse. Perfect for notes and quick sketches anywhere.

I like the idea of the watersoluble colored pencils -- if I could limit myself to a few colors!

Anonymous said...

Well, It's said that less is more. I have got past taking the kitchen sink syndrome and have refined what I take with me according to circumstances, and the time I know I will have to journal whilst on my travels.

This last summer was the crunch point - travelling by air and needing to keep the weight down. I've adopted the following as my guiding principle since then: a) my likely subject and what I therefore might need. b) usually a 6"x6" spiral heavy-weight paper notebook, a tiny pencil case with white gel pen, Lyra graphite stick, sepia waterproof pen, glue stick, scissors and an envelope containing pre-prepared and cut-to-size painted paper bags and paper napkin motifs; all light-weight.

c) If possible I add a few Neocolor II water-soluble crayons in colours I know will be appropriate, and a little purse with a cosmetic spray bottle to hold water (to spritz the page to create a neocolor wash); it also holds a tiny container of acrylic wax which I use to apply the napkin motifs.

I was honestly amazed at how little I needed, though a little forethought as to location proved to be essential.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Very thought-provoking! I have come to the conclusion that I have altogether too many supplies and actually am looking forward to moving into an apartment in the near future. I will be forced to use up/get rid of and otherwise downsize and I really do think it will force me to be more creative with what I have.

lee said...

thanks for telling us...i am off to Arizonia soon and I am going to try your mimilist supply list. I always bring to much and kick my butt later.

Diana Trout {} said...

Oh yes, to keep in mind what sort of palette is important to me. Rome caught me by surprise (first time to Europe) with the muted colors I encountered. It was very liberating in a way to find myself needing to mix and use colors that were differnt from my usual palette.

Sarah Anderson said...

mmm, inktense pencils and pitt pens sounds like an interesting combo - must investigate further!!
I'm a paint girl at heart so my minimalist kit would include a handful of dabbers, some sequin waste, baby wipes, 3 or 4 stamps and some scissors...and maybe a pen! :)