Thursday, December 2, 2010

Nudge 11: Weave

Fun with Paper Weaving! This nudge might take a bit longer than five minutes so break it down or - what the heck - take 10 or 15 minutes! 
Cut a strip of paper, try to keep it even, about a 1/2 inch. 

Cut a bunch of slits down the length of the journal page that you want to weave. The orientation of the book is different in this next photo (sorry). Can you see the slits?
Now just weave the paper strip in and out through the slits.
I just dabbed a bit of glue stick down and stuck the end of the paper strip down. It probably won't go anywhere though.
I turned the top of the strip down as well. Just fun to leave a bit sticking up at the top of the page for a tab. Love the index-y tabby thing.
As you can see from the facing journal page, you can weave an entire journal page! Woohoo !  It's a great thing to do with pages of writing, a 5 minute collage page or other pages where you may have a background but not much else. Go forth and WEAVE!


Cassie Shella said...

This looks like so much fun - and simple too. I'm off to try it right now:) The picture of your "Little Lion" is adorable. What a cutie! Have a Blessed week.

PrairieJill said...

Great idea! Can't wait to get home from work to try this.

Thanks again for doing these nudges. I'm really enjoying them. I've wanted to start an art journal for a long time and never got around to it, but your nudges were just what I needed to get me going. And keep me going!

iHanna said...

Great nudge. I love weaving with paper, but have not tried slits in a journal. Will do! How fun! :-)

The Dreaming Bear said...

This is a fab idea!!!

Jane LaFazio said...

i love weaving in any form (okay, not on a loom, unless someone else strings it for me) love this prompt!

Jane LaFazio said...

i love weaving in any form (okay, not on a loom, unless someone else strings it for me) love this prompt!

sjmcdowell said...

This will be a fun nudge.
I look forward to seeing everyone's weaving pages!!

Thanks so much,


Anonymous said...

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