Monday, January 24, 2011

My Glorious Mess (reloaded)

The paper stash is a bit unruly at present. Nothing new about that. Just time for a bit of a tidy up. 
It's a beautiful thing, this stash o'mine. Categories: Maps, Text, Faces, Animals, Prints, Solids (warm and cool). Tissue paper, Suminagashi/Orizomegami (or anything on Japanese paper), I could go on but why? And the bitty baby scraps sorted: warm and cool. The student bin has been sorted. That was another table-load a week ago.

Fifteen minute intervals is good and having the space to devote to the sorting project is heavenly. Lucky me.

What is your favorite organizational tip? My whole stash will go into a (very) large bin with hunks of cardboard that stand above the fray and separate the watercolor splashed paper from the junk mail.

I have a new post over at the Sketchbook Challenge. Have you uploaded your Highly Prized sketches yet? The big drawing is coming up!


Jeannie said...

Beautiful eye candy! I store everything sorted in old suitcases, boxes, lunchpails, etc. labeled with shipping tags. It makes grab and go creating so much easier.

Anna Schüler said...

such a beautiful picture is your gloreious mess. In the thumb i see in my dashboard it looks like a faboulus abstract painting, wonderful colours in the right position :)

Diana Trout {} said...

Great idea Anna! Wouldn't that be an interesting idea for a painting.

Jeannie, I like your container ideas. What are your sorting categories?

Anna Schüler said...
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lisa {milkshake} said...

I have a small filing cabinet on wheels from Ikea. I keep the papers filed by color: orange, red, yellow in one drawer; green & blue in another, etc. Patterns all go in one drawer. Though that's an old system and should be updated! Patterns should go in the color drawers based on their main color.

Diana Trout {} said...

Yeah, I do the colored papers in flat drawers. Then the patterned papers in main colors. The same way I keep - ha - fabric. I wonder if there desk-height box on wheels. That would be convenient.

peonyblue said...

Scarily enough, right now my organizational method is more of a philosophy: Use it up or pass it on. We went from a fairly big house to a really small one last year, and while I love it *so* much more than the huge (and cluttery) space, it doesn't leave much room for stashing.

On the plus side, this means that I don't have the luxury anymoe of being afraid to use The Good Stuff(tm), but on the downside, it means I don't get great piles like yours to play with. :)