Thursday, January 20, 2011

Nudge 17, Thank you list

Truly 5 minutes. Japanese New Year is coming in shortly and it is the Year of the (Metal) Rabbit. It should be an gentler year. The Western New Year is still ... well, it's still NEW! A moment of gratitude is in order.
Make a list, long and then a bit longer. We have so much afterall, I think.
I used a pilot razor point pen. It is watersoluble (love) and the Strathmore Watercolor Journal. the back side of the paper is smooth enough to write on.

Here's my gray page. A nice bit of fun and playing with values.
And while I'm being thankful, thanks to all of you for your lovely comments and for reading this blog


Gina Lee Kim said...

I love this! Beautiful gradations of gray, Diana!

Jeannie said...

Thank you for always being a bright spot in my day. Your book is getting so dog earred, but I love it. Thanks!

Cassie Shella said...

I love the grays, not sure why (I'm normally not a black and white person), but it feels peaceful.

Jane LaFazio said...

hmm. yummy blurry writing. love it.

sisa said...

I love the value play in your gray page! You make me rethink about neutrals. They needn't look sad or boring. Beautiful page full of light!

Diana Trout {} said...

Yes, working with neutrals is fun. I'd forgotten how much. Thanks to Hanna for this great nudge.