Thursday, February 17, 2011

Nudge 21, I Spy Something Red

Here is my response to my own nudge and it almost didn't get posted. Why? Because it is unfinished (horrors). Then I thought, well, that wouldn't be fair now would it? We are all on the same train. Some weeks are crazy busy and when it comes to working in my journal, a word or doodle here and there is all I can manage. So why pretend? When the little whisper of meaning came to mind with this Nudge, I was happy and finished for the moment.
Frida Kahlo eyebrows? What's that about ...
I did a sketch
Playing with an extreme head tilt.
and some doodles for my class over at Jude Hill's blog
I'm learning a lot in Jude's class. About cloth weaving and Boro, of course. The bonus is watching her teach online. I wanted to incorporate the concept of "working along" with my students. I thought it would give it an immediacy that might otherwise be lacking. I was thrilled to see Jude doing this (and very well). 

So here's the deal with the Nudges. I'm going to start working along with all of you now. Not doing the Nudge and then posting it all done. But working on them over the week; this and that. What comes up will come up. We'll all learn a lot more this way. 

I'd also welcome any nudges from you! I'd love to be Nudged. If you have an idea, put it in the comments or send me an email. A word, a thought, a material, a technique: all is welcome. Let's really make this a communal Nudging. Whaddya' think? 

And now for Nudge 21. Let's play "I Spy." Pick a color - any color you love (or never think much about). Over the next week, collect bits of that color - in all of its saturated or grayed down forms and stick it in your journal. Or put the pieces, if they are 3D, into a box and then you can take a picture. Or go out with your camera and play "I Spy." Whatever runs the flag up your pole. 


Kristy said...

Oh how fun !! I'm just getting started with the nudges..but this will be awesome. I also much tell you I now have your book "Journal Spilling" and I so love it !! Pushing me out of my comfort zone has been fun !!!

Ammie said...

I love reading your blog. Inspiration comes more naturally and less frighteningly from your nudges and snapshots of your creative processes than it does when I see some finished product I want to recreate. This is much more cathartic. THANK YOU!

Oh, and I enjoyed this post in particular. 1) Weaving is a joy. 2) If I think of a nudge, I'll let you know. 3) Thanks for sharing your unfinished creation with us. :D

Judy said...


Like the idea of "I Spy", I'll give it a try with orange hardly ever think about it and almost never use it, certainly never wear it.

sisa said...

I liked this post very much! Thanks for sharing with us! I love your "unfinished" nudge and the sketches you posted, as well as the idea of sharing your ongoing work with us.
We sometimes need a little push in the good direction!
Thanks so much!

Cassie Shella said...

I get nudged by my girl's artwork. Alexa came home from pre-school last week with a full 8 x10 piece of art paper completely covered in red and orange paint, with lots of gold glitter all over it. It's FABULOUS! Only the complete freedom of a child could have gotten it to look so good. I'm going to use it in a collage this week.

Diana Trout {} said...

A collaboration, Cassie. What fun! and you're inspiring this week's nudge. Thank you!

Lay Hoon aka mescrap said...

Fun to try ^^

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