Monday, February 21, 2011

Mark Making (more)

While Jon and I were experiencing extreme sticker shock today in Brigantine, New Jersey looking for a house to rent for a week over the summer, my post went up on the Sketchbook Challenge about making marks here. So go on over there and read it, then come back and take a look at this
This sea grass was washed in on the tide and looked to me like stitches layered on the water. Marks. In fact, that may be why stitches are so endlessly fascinating to me. Can I also swoon over the gold, yellows and russety browns colors? The glowing oranges reminiscent of fall and green that harken spring, the verdigris of the weathered pipes and the textural changes are a feast found in a backwater boatyard. Floating poetry.
Just a dock? I think ... so much more. A collection of pattern, color and texture and line. Oranges,  greens, blue greens and blue grays and brown grays and neon. Also a bit of humor with those pilings on the left wearing their rakish yellow crowns. Oh but the line here! The ropes, the looping hoses, the strips and poles. The texture of the water and that of the pilings. Well, what more could a person ask for?

{Oh yes, we could ask for a reasonably priced house for a week at the beach.}

Great nudge idea coming up this week from Cassie Shella about looking at children's artwork for inspiration. I loved her comment in this post about her daughter's artwork. Do you have a nudge idea? Post it in the comments. Another thing I'm wondering ... is anyone have trouble with this blog uploading? I've been playing with the picture sizes. Let me know if you are!


cathy slobodzian kress said...

I like the (unseeing?) eye atop that post in the middle up front.
Floating poetry, indeed.

Sue Bleiweiss said...

oooh that first photo is making me woozy - loving the texture and the colors in that.

Gracie said...

Hi Diana! I followed you over from CWB, and I'm in love with that sea grass picture. I am always taken by the ways that tides and waves create these kinds of patterned masses. Wonderful