Thursday, December 9, 2010

Nudge 12, Rip It

I've been going all internal this week. Starting the winter hibernation, perhaps? Or maybe it's my current art project. It's taking me back to topics and imagery circa 1990. Very deep stuff and I am quiet as the images roll out and unfold. They are whispering and I need to be silent, you see, so that I can let them come along.

So on to this week's Nudge. Rip It!

I went through my journal and found a 5 minute collage page. You might find a page with writing or another unfinished page.
Tear the page from your journal. Yes. Go ahead and tear the page out. It isn't precious, ya' know? It's simply a piece of paper. Tear it into pieces.

What do you want to do next? Do you want to burn them? Throw them into the air and then collect them and glue them down haphazardly onto another journal page? Yes? OK, do that.
See where this takes you ...

Here is a picture of Teddy I took on sleepy Sunday.
He's settling in very well, I'd say.


lyle baxter said...

thanks for the good idea. I have a pile of older collages on watercolor paper that I havent bound think I'll rip up some. I used to do that and make pages of the long strips laid down helter skelter and use golden fluid acrylics as the finish. had forgotten that one!

Jane said...

Hi Diana,
Thanks for your comment on MY blog. I've only recently started keeping visual sketchbooks, so this sketchbook challenge is a bit intimidating for me. Perhaps your book will help me ease into it. THANKS!

Teddi said...

awesome diana!

Trece said...

I'm crackin' up. At our house we call photos like that "kitty porn". Do ALL kittehz do that?

Melly Testa said...

Yes, all kittahz do that. Not sure I will rip a page up though. Not brave.

Diana Trout {} said...

Very funny Trece. My other kittens never did that. This one loves the belly rubs.